Micromobility parking solutions for ALL.

Whether you are a company, a city or a user, what are the benefits of using eDock?


Engage your company in soft mobility with a dedicated and adapted infrastructure to recent mobility evolutions.

Employees or customers, take care of them !

  • Secure and “Supercharged”, our station has been designed to facilitate access to your facilities.
  • Data at your service. Get a better understanding of your company’s visits.
  • Customize your eDock station with your visual identity.
  • Save spaces with an orderly storage of the bikes and kick-scooters of your employees and visitors

“Give your employees the security they deserve while they work”

“Promote sustainable move”

“Impress your visitors”

“Monitor the access of your building”

“A serene customer will be able to focus on your product offering”

“Our docking station will be your customers first and last impression when he comes to you”

“Reassure your customers against theft”

“Measure the energy consumption benefit in kind”


With the strenghtening use of low-carbon smart mobility, it is now time for cities to respond by building infrastructures and making space on our streets to accomodate micromobility modes seamlessly with current transport mix.

Solve last-miles needs ⊕ Ease access to public transportation ⊗ Lower traffic and city congestion ⊕ Maintain clean sidewalks ⊗ Ease short distance trip ⊕ Promote societal impacts ⊗ Tackle free-floating mobility challenges


Benefit from a free of use infrastructure to secure and charge your bicycle or kick-sccoter. No longer worry about having a locker with you, you will quickly fond on the map of our mobile application the parking spaces available in your favorite places.

Afraid of theft? In addition to our connected locker, you will also be able to use your own locker on our slots for a double protection. And to reassure you even more, we offer you a guarantee in case of theft.

Running low on your battery? No more worrying about running out of battery. Our docking station offers you the possibility of charging your bike or kick-scooter thanks to several charging plug covering the vast majority of the market.

And if you happen to forget where you parked, find your light e-vehicle through our mobile app 

How it works?

1 • Get our app

Download our app from Apple Store or Google Play and register with your email adress.

2 • Visualization

Quickly find the docking station of your choice on a map and consult the parking slots availability.

3 • Direction

Drive with confidence to the selected docking with our integrated Google Map navigation.

docking picture

4 • Docking

Place your bike or kick-scooter inside the slot. Close the locker latch manually. Then lock the padlock using the mobile app.

5 • Confirmation

You will receive a popup in app to confirm the proper pick-up of your bike or kick-scooter by our service.

6 • End of use

Unlock the padlock using the app, pick up your bike or kick-scooter and be safe on the road. You will be able to consult your usage history on the app.