What are the best practices for biking in the rain?

cycliste pédalent sous la pluie en ville

Living in Belgium sometimes means getting caught in the rain. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting out your bike. Yes, it is possible to cycle in the city and in the countryside even in the rain!

In this article you will learn how to protect yourself and your bike from the rain!

1. Adopt appropriate behaviour for the weather


Biking in the rain requires you to adapt your behaviour on the road. When it rains, you are less visible to others. It is therefore important to always be well lighted in the rain. We therefore recommend that you buy a bicycle light.

But rain means slippery roads, so it is important to adapt your speed to your environment. It is better to slow down and arrive at your destination a little later than to slip on the road and hurt yourself.

2. Protect yourself from head to toe

Staying dry and biking in the rain is not incompatible. There are now many ways to avoid getting wet when you go out. 

To start with, you need a waterproof jacket to protect your upper body. Ideally, you should choose a lightweight, breathable jacket to make physical effort more enjoyable. There are also rain trousers that can be worn over your work trousers so that you don’t have to change when you get to your office.

The most important thing is of course to wear a helmet, as roads are more dangerous in the rain. You can also opt for a helmet with a visor so that you have better visibility and are not bothered by raindrops.

It is also advisable to wear gloves to protect your hands, especially if it is cold outside, and to have waterproof shoes.

Cycliste pédalant dans la rue et se protégeant avec un parapluie

3. Protect your bike

Once you have protected yourself from head to toe, you should think about equipping and protecting your bike:

    vue sur un pneu de vélo avec un garde boue
    • Prepare your tyres to avoid slipping

    In rainy weather, it is recommended to go out with less air in your tyres than on a sunny day (1 bar less) in order to increase the contact surface with the ground. 

    Another option is to buy rain tyres which will give better grip on the ground.

        With rain also comes mud, so we advise you to get mudguards. This will protect you from splashes and keep your bike clean!

          • Keep your bike dry while parking

          Buy a waterproof bike cover to keep your bike dry. This will prevent you from having to pedal a wet bike and will protect your brakes.

          Another solution, more convenient to carry with you everywhere, is to buy a cover to protect your bike seat.

          If you ride an electric bike, don’t worry! The battery of your bike is waterproof so you can ride without worries even in rainy weather.

          4. How to park your bike in the rain?

          There are several ways to protect your bike when you want to park. We invite you to read our article on the subject: How to choose the right bike lock?

          Our eDock connected stations offer an effective security solution even in rainy weather! 0 thefts have been reported since the installation of our stations!

          vélo garé sur un pont sous la pluie

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