We offer an ingenious parking solution that ensures the safety and recharging of electric bikes and scooters.

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Multimodal & Universal

Parking for bikes AND scooters

​Our stations secure all brands of bikes and scooters

We're not tied to any particular brand, and we secure all bikes and scooters with frames that fit within the range of our locks.

A single Micromobility infrastructure

Each space can accommodate a bicycle OR a scooter

Optimised user experience

Our eDock parking solutions are designed to be as user-friendly as possible.

​Smart padlock

Interact with our padlocks easily with the eDock App

Connected padlocks

Secure your bike directly from your smartphone

Robust and secure

Our padlock is made of a double layer of 3 mm steel.

Flexible and adjustable

Padlock rotates 180° and adjusts up and down on a guide rail

A connected experience

Mobile application

Secure and manage your bike park from your smartphone.


Find the nearest eDock car park based on your current or future location.


Make sure you have free parking and book it in advance.

GPS tracking

Follow the quickest route to an eDock station and start navigating using Google Map, Waze or Apple Map.

​Smart padlock

Open and close the connected padlock directly with your phone.


Our team is there to help you from the application and to assist you remotely if necessary.

Data and history

Manage your profile and track your mobility on your dashboard.

Transfer of ownership

Transfer your parking session to a friend, colleague or companion to collect your bike for you.

Download our mobile application to use our stations

It's free, and lets you find eDock stations near you and lock/unlock your bike or scooter in complete security.


Electric recharging

 36 V laadspanning

  Compatible with Bosch, Segway, Xiaomi,...

  Customised charging connector on request

 Intelligent charging: only when you are safe

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Customisation and technical specifications

Our stations are available in 3 different models with 4, 6 or 8 spaces. In all cases, the station is 50 cm wide and 90.5 cm high, while its length varies between 260 cm and 520 cm.

Our stations can be customised with your company logo. You can combine up to 2 different RAL colour codes on one station.

Administration console

Our back office, available on all web browsers, allows company managers to monitor the activity of their eDock station and administer its users.


Keep an overview of how your station is used and track your users' interactions, reservations and parking.

Data analysis

Get to know your users, their preferences, behaviour and habits.

Controlling your station

Take control of your eDock parking station remotely and offer your users help when they need it.

Push notifications

You can communicate with your users via push notifications directly in the application.

Integration API

We can easily enable partners to integrate the use of our stations into their own applications.

Alerts & support

We are alerted to any problems you may have and can easily help you remotely from our administration console.

Station management

Customise your station to suit your needs with our different operating modes: Private/Public, Free/Paid, Private User/Free Share.

User management

Manage your authorised users on the basis of their email address or your company's domain name in the case of a private car park.

How does it work?

1.Get our app

Download our application from Apple Store or Google Play and register with your e-mail address.


Quickly find the station of your choice on a map and check the availability of parking spaces directly.


Launch a GPS navigation with Google Map or Plan from our Application.


Place your bike or scooter in the slot. Close the lock manually and then lock it using the mobile application.


A notification in the App confirms that the bike or scooter has been picked up.


Once locked, you can recharge your bike using the built-in chargers

Operating modes

Private X Public

Your eDock station can be viewed and used by all users with the eDock application.


Your eDock station is reserved for your employees and will not be visible to other users of the eDock application.

Free X Paid

Your eDock station can be used free of charge by all users of the eDock application.


Your eDock station is charged to users on a per-minute basis. Revenues are split between eDock and your company.

Classic X free sharing

Your eDock station welcomes users who travel with their own bike or scooter.


Your eDock station has bikes or scooters available for your employees to use.

Benefits for users

Discover all the benefits your users will enjoy once you have installed an eDock parking station in your company.

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Benefits for your company

Discover all the benefits your company will enjoy with the purchase of an eDock car park.

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