Convert a car parking space into 8 Micromobility spaces

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Bicycle Parking Solutions for companies

No more bike theft!

Convenience and security for employees. With our smart bike parking station, no more stolen bikes on company premises.


Boosting Sustainable Mobility

By providing a, connected bike parking, companies are encouraging greener, more sustainable mobility, which is good for the environment.

100% Tax deductible

The purchase or hire of an eDock is 100% tax-deductible, as it is an infrastructure dedicated to soft mobility in companies.

Reduce your costs

Promoting sustainable employee transport through the installation of appropriate infrastructure helps to reduce mobility costs by encouraging employees to choose a less expensive mode of transport.

Impress your visitors

En adoptant notre solution de mobilité urbaine vous renforcez l'image de marque de l'entreprise. Soyez moderne, éco-responsable et soucieuse du bien-être de vos employés.

Social responsibility

By supporting environmentally-friendly modes of transport, companies are demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

Comply with regulations​

Comply with regulations by providing parking spaces for bicycles

Organising your car park

Save space with orderly parking

Understand and help your customers

Data and insights. Better understanding of employees and visitors

Improve the well-being of your employees

eDock stations offer secure parking, reducing the risk of theft. This gives employees peace of mind and can increase their job satisfaction.

Comply with regulations​

Comply with regulations by providing parking spaces for bicycles

Reduce your carbon footprint

By reducing the number of cars on the road, companies can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in line with sustainable development objectives.

Stationnement vélo pour les utilisateurs

No need to carry your own padlock

Enjoy built-in, hassle-free security for your bike or scooter, eliminating the need for padlocks

Extend your range with our integrated charger

Our eDock bike parking stations have built-in chargers, so you can extend your journeys and explore further afield without worrying about battery life.

Reserve a parking space in advance

Thanks to our intuitive eDock application, you can easily reserve a space for your bike or scooter, guaranteeing you a convenient and stress-free parking solution.

Secure and manage our intelligent bike parking directly from your smartphone.

Our mobile application turns your phone into a powerful tool for securing and managing the parking of your means of transport, bringing convenience and peace of mind to every journey.

Digital payment integrated into the application

Our payment solution integrated into the eDock application allows you to pay your parking charges with ease, ensuring a smooth and secure payment process.

Facilitating the allocation of company bicycle allowances

eDock simplifies the process of allocating company cycling allowances, providing accurate and easily accessible data for efficient management of cycling benefits.

Over 700 uses in 2023, without a single flight!

Place an eDock parking station in your company and boost micromobility!

Ordering & Installation

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Prepare your space

Make sure the location is ready for your new eDock.

Install with Our Experts

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Getting started

Receive full training and officially launch your eDock station.

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