Why cycle to work?

Company cycle parking: a question of infrastructure and safety?
15 September 2023 by
Why cycle to work?
Sebastien Peeters

Today, 12% of the Belgian population has adopted the bicycle for its journeys between home and work. It’s an ecological, practical and more economical way of getting to work than by car. In this article, we summarise the many advantages of using a bicycle to go to work.

Why cycle to work instead of driving?

No more parking stress!

Imagine not having to look for a parking space in the morning for your car. Cycling to work makes it possible. It’s actually more convenient and easier to park. In addition, depending on your region, your company may have obligations regarding bike parking.

For example, if you work in the Brussels-Capital Region, you should know that there are regulations requiring you to provide a certain number of bicycle parking spaces depending on the surface area of your company’s offices. To find out more on the subject, we invite you to read this other article on our blog: What does the environmental permit and COBRACE imply in terms of parking?. . 

You should therefore be able to find space for your bike near your company. Moreover, if there is an eDock station nearby, you will also be able to charge your bike while keeping it safe.😁🔌🔓

More time for yourself!

The bicycle, whether electric or not, is ideal for journeys of less than 5km because it is faster than other forms of transport in the city. Indeed, with a bicycle, you avoid traffic jams by car or public transport. Your journey is therefore less tiring.

By adopting the bicycle as a means of transport, you get more time for yourself: shopping, personal activities, spending time with your children…

A contribution to environmental protection!

A bicycle, unlike a car or bus, does not emit CO2 and is therefore more environmentally friendly. ♻️🌎

So by cycling to work, you can help protect the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. It is also a way to reduce noise pollution in the city and make our cities more pleasant to live in.

Fitness and well-being!

By using your bike every day, you keep fit and reduce your chances of developing cardiovascular disease. In addition, this physical effort also reduces stress and improves your mood for the day by releasing endormorphins. Your concentration at work will be better and you will be happier.

Money saved!

Cheaper than buying a car, a bike will save you money. And did you know that there are state subsidies for the purchase of an electric bike? Don’t hesitate to ask around in your local town or city, there may be some good opportunities to be had!

Depending on the company, there is also an allowance for “bicycle travel expenses” applicable to home/work journeys. This allowance can be combined with other public transport allowances. For example, if your journey is made by bus and then by bicycle you can have a public transport allowance and a bicycle allowance. 🚍🚲

And as an employer, what are the benefits of promoting cycling to your employees?

eDock allows your employees to park their bikes safely and to charge them during working hours thanks to the charging cables integrated in our stations. This way, they can work with complete peace of mind.

Parked, charged and secured = employees will be less stressed, more productive and more focused.